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860-684-7436 Location Map

Business (drop off and pick up) hours are 7AM to 9 AM and7PM to 9 PM unless arranged otherwise. Tuesday and Thursday evenings may need worked around due to dog training classes.

Built in 1995 with facilities for 20 dogs. A dog boarded at the "inn" stays in a 4foot by 4foot inside pen which is connected via a guillotine type door to an outside covered run which is 4 feet by 10 feet. Many town zoning rules do not allow dogs to be outside in a kennel setting. The kennel is about 350 feet from Rt. 19 and is in quite a rural setting.

Service Rate Comments
Dog boarding $25.00 per day Sales tax is not included in this price 6.325%
Multiple dogs $20.00 for 2nd Cats are $ 7.00 (per day) if they come with a dog. Each dog gets it's own run unless the owner specifies otherwise. There is one double run for a large dog or multiple dogs or a dog staying a long time.
Cat boarding $8.00 per day  
Dog bath and nails $35.00  
Taking dog for walk As quoted  
Exercise for dog As quoted  


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Frequently asked questions

What type of playtime is there at the "inn"? We do not promise any type of playtime. Unless the owner specifies not to take the dog out or we are cautious about taking the dog out they will most likely get to stretch their legs for at least 10 minutes twice a day.

Will my dog be in any danger of being attacked by another dog? No. The kennel is set up so that the dog only really sees the dog across the hall from it. We do not generally mix and match pets form different owners. If the owner specifies not to take the dog out at all we won't.

Do you use crates to board small dogs in? No. We do not advise leaving a small dog's travel crate in the run because this becomes territory to protect and really does the dog or kennel operators no good at all. Just the bottom half of the crate is fine.

At any given time would you say most of the dogs at the kennel are repeat customers? Yes.

Do you accept credit cards? No.